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Published: 01 April 2018

By Andy Ross

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Summer Exhibition 2018

As you, our regular readers will know, we have a small summer exhibition of textiles from around the world. 

Andrew and I have been collecting fabrics, clothes, furnishings, rugs and blankets since time immemorial. My first piece of fabric that I ever bought was when I was about twelve! Our collection continues to grow and develop, and we have eclectic tastes so there is a little bit of everything in storage. 

This year we decided to open up the adjoining garage space in the studio for exhibitions of our textiles and cloths. We get so much joy from them and they link us to so many memories, cultures and histories that it felt wrong to keep them all in boxes. So, for the summer season, we have an show based on pink and green. The pieces on display include kimonos, obi and haori from Japan, hand-dyed patchwork and machine embroidery from the UK (see last week's blog for more details), and an Uzbek man's robe with a Russian cotton lining. We also have the woven whirlpool which was our introduction to weaving, and a very personal item of my own making; a waistcoat of 1950's cotton fabric which I used to wear on stage to perform in. 

If you are passing, pop in and see us. We would be very happy to show you the studio, the collection and our new exhibition.