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Published: 15 April 2017

By Andy Ross

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Summer Even though we can still have snow, and in fact some of the white stuff is forecast over the next few days, summer is definitely on its way!

The birds are coming back quickly now, with oystercatchers, those earliest of summer visitors, flying and "pleepsin'" overhead. The days are long now and the sun is growing stronger every day. These pictures are taken from my garden in the North of Yell, and show the township of Gutcher, and the ferry terminal from where the boats go to Unst and Fetlar, the island in the distance in the first picture. It is beautiful, isn't it?

Summer is a time for exploring and seeing the islands emerge from our long winter. It takes us ages to wake up here in the North. We feel a little like what I imagine bears do when they come out of their winter sleep. Visitors comment on that too. This Easter weekend things start to open up in Shetland for the season, and people often tell us that our pace of life is slower and that things are calmer and more peaceful than further south. We pride ourselves on the space and peace that surrounds us; it is one of the reasons we live and work in this special part of the world. Long may it last!

If you are visiting the islands this year, do come by and see us and The Shetland Gallery next door. We are keeping the same opening hours this season - 11 to 5 most days except Sundays when we open from 2 until 5, and Mondays which will probably see us open but is officially a day off. If you want to make sure we are here, give us a call on 01957 744 355 or email. We look forward welcoming you, and to a busy season.