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Published: 25 June 2016

By Andy Ross

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Summer visitors

This week we have had some very interesting visitors. 

Kirsty ran a workshop this week for two people, Pam and Liz, and it was great fun to see how much the two wove and what sort of patterns and colours they came up with. In addition, Pam, whol lived in Botswana for a while, chatted about her textile collection and about the Botswana weavers who she remembered from the 1970's. It was with great pleasure that we were able to print her a webpage of the Oodi weavers - they are still going, forty years later! If you want to book your own workshop with Kirsty, please send her an email. 

We also had a visit from a feltmaker from Canada, Jennifer, who I sadly missed but who has been in touch anyway. Thanks to Deborah and Pierre for bringing Jennifer to the studio and to Maggie for showing her around. 

A group of cyclists brightened one of the days through the week because one of them is an amateur botanist. We went out to look at the wild flowers at the studio and discovered many more than we had at first realised. Perhaps we need a flower book in the library?

And on Friday we spent a lovely hour chatting to an interesting New Zealander with artistic family connections who now lives in Norway. We are planning to continue our conversation and see if we can get some sort of exchange going. Can you imagine the possibilities of a Shetland, New Zealand, Norwegian combo? Fantastic! 

We are very lucky to live in a place to which curious people naturally gravitate. And we love to meet you all. Do pop in if you happen to be going past...