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Published: 29 May 2013

By Andy Ross

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It is sunny today in Shetland. Perfect weather for seeing some textiles and do some gardening!

In the beautiful wilds of Yell where I live (have a look at the map if you don't know where it is) today has been a wonderfully warm and sunny day, full of birdsong and breezes. It has been the perfect day to go around Shetland working in local schools on the "Creepy Crawley Musical", driving the long and windy road to Lerwick and loving the shades of the hills as they recede back and back into infinity. They put me in mind of a Colin McCahon painting and the endless scenery of the New Zealand landscapes. Viking Longship model on Tingwall Loch Viking Longship model on Tingwall Loch

Shetland College show Shetland College showWe visited the Textile Museum in Lerwick where the Shetland College graduates have their show and where the permanent collection has been redisplayed, and we also visited a peerie Viking Longship on Tingwall Loch.

Home again to gardening and smoked salmon sandwiches with spinach leaves and homemade mayonnaise. It can't be a bad life in Shetland...