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Published: 03 November 2018

By Andy Ross

Update on the studio

In these, the quieter days of the year where visitors are concerned, we change things around in the studios. 

The summer is busy. Really busy. That means the tasks that we need to do to make us more efficient, more inviting and tidier have to wait until the season is over and we have a chance to take stock. A few weeks back we changed the exhibition to "The Beauty of Plants" and this week it has been the turn of the rest of the studios. 

To make it easier and more inviting to read the library books, we now have a new seating area. This also serves as a place to have meetings. When Alvin-the-loom is on, the noise is too loud for us to sit in the comfortable area and chat. Now we have this new space things will be much better. It is not a great picture because of the amount of light which floods into the area but you can see the library and the seating area is behind it. 

We have also moved the production area around so that we have more room for warping up and for doing the work more efficiently. It has been Quite a Big Job to do all of this but the studios do feel brighter and lighter, especially important at this time of year when the light is rapidly diminishing. 

If you are up this way, do pop in and visit. We would be delighted to show you around. Similarly, if you would like to use the reference library, send an email and book some time. We do not lend books out but you are more than welcome to come up and sit for a few hours, reading and researching some of the fascinating books we have.