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Published: 09 April 2016

By Andy Ross

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Progress at the studio

We could not do what we do without a team of volunteers...

From people who help us put up shelves and brackets, and who are handy with things like jigsaws, to people who sew labels into blankets (don't they look great!) and people who catalogue our library, we rely on volunteer effort. 

Now is the time to say thank you to Maggie who sews labels and is general "go-fer" for us, to Rachel who comes in to catalogue our books and textile collection, and to Paul for helping me to get the display area in the new studio space ready for the summer. We are nearly there with the latter but here are a couple of pictures showing progress.

We also get advice from people who regularly come in to see progress and loads of support from readers of the blog.  So a huge thank you everyone. Aren't we lucky to have people like you around?