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Published: 27 June 2015

By Andy Ross

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Studio update

This has been another busy week for us in and out of the studio. Here is an update on our progress.

The garden is, despite the cool weather, growing and we have started to enrich the soil around the plants. The earth is this part of Yell is not very good, stony and poor, but with the addition of compost everything has started to grow vigorously. We have a few plants now indoors too to welcome visitors and that is not all that is happening there. 

We have painted the floor to mark an area where visitors can walk and which will be kept clear of equipment and yarns, and one of the areas where comfortable seating will welcome visitors is also done - pic left. In fact, that area is so complete that we have managed to put in some chairs and a coffee table with a few books to read. It only remains for a sideboard to come in and some things to hung on the walls and then we are done in that part of the room. 

In the exhibition space, the floor is done and then it is time to get the first piece in. This will be the woven whirlpool which introduced us to the world of weaving. 

The next stage is to paint the floor where we will be showcasing our fabrics, and the section where the new loom will go. Then the work is complete and we will be ready for delivery of the equipment. 

If you fancy a little bit of a giggle, head over to our Facebook site where Kirsty has posted a pic of me in Power Rangers mode as I was doing some hacksawing and power sawing through some particularly tough material in the studio.  Some think that I look more Bob the Builder! I shall take that as a compliment...