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Published: 15 May 2021

By Andy Ross

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GlobalYell's textile studio

Over the past year the studios in Yell have been closed to the public but it is planned to reopen them in September this year once more. 

After a week-long marathon of tidying, clearing and sorting, the workshop studios are now ready for the next stage: adapting them for residencies and stays. The building will be altered to include washing facilities before a programme of residencies and workshops will be researched. We are planning to reopen to the public in September with a class on beginner weaving taking place. The picture (left) shows the workshop tables and two looms along with the new hanging of textiles from the collection and a series of wooden panels entitled "Twelve Shetland Apostles" by local artist Mike McDonnell. There is a little more to do in the way of decorating and painting but at least the hard work is complete. What is not visible in the picture is the new seating area with library - the photograph was taken from this area. The entire studio is now filled with daylight and is warm and comfortable; a perfect place to spend time reading, researching and, of course, weaving!

In the production end activity has been ongoing for The Shetland Tweed Company. The newest cloth off the loom is pictured right in all its glorious technicolour, having just been taken off the equipment. It will be washed and then made into products or sold as lengths.