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Published: 05 September 2020

By Andy Ross

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Studio goings-on

The studio in Yell has been quiet this year, as has just about everywhere, but that does not mean things aren't going on. 

Alexa is weaving away for The Shetland Tweed Company and making products from her glorious cloth. Using those beautiful Shetland colours that we all love, the recent cloths have been inspired by the summertime. I do believe that there is one in development that uses the colours of the heather which has been spectacular this year if the photos on social media are anything to go by - search for #shetlandheather to find some of them. If you fancy a look at the new cloths head on over to the page here to see what has been added recently. 

Plans for the future of the studio are also going ahead. This week funding applications went in for some exciting new programmes - one to create an exchange programme for weavers and textile designers, and another to create a network of interesting projects that use textiles as a way to develop particular areas. If the funding applications are successful we will be starting to work on both projects next year. Exciting!

Our plans are going to happen over the next four years so there will be plenty going on. In the meantime, winter is coming and so we are planning what to do over the cold months. There are business plans underway, and next year's tours (all things permitting) to organise. In addition, the Masters of Research Degree that I am doing in Shetland Tweed is also nearing completion. I am itching to tell you all about it but until the thesis is handed in and the degree is finished, it is not possible to publish anything so we will all just have to be patient.

I think it is going to be a Very Busy Time over the next few months. Fingers crossed that we have some Exciting News to tell you all in the near future...