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Published: 20 June 2015

By Andy Ross

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Progress on the studio

Here is a brief update on the studio space next door.

The painting on the walls is complete and we have a creamy colour with a slight hint of pink which our friend, Shona Skinner, who owns the Shetland Gallery has dubbed "Oyster Blush". Yum!

Now it is the turn of the floor and to prove that we are doing it all ourselves, here is a picture of me gearing up to do some DIY in the studio. The floor is concrete  and is going to be painted a lovely shade of grey. I am calling it "Dove Grey" although the tin says "Slate". Whatever the actual name, the colour is lovely and goes well with our "Oyster Blush" walls. 

Once that is all complete, it will be fit-out time. Shelves to put up, pallets to dismantle and reassemble into Useful Things, and then we can start to move furniture in. It is very exciting and I am just glad that we have plenty to keep up with. It is just as well The Studio Dog is not in. Brushes and paint and a puppy probably wouldn't work...