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Published: 21 November 2015

By Andy Ross

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News in the studio

As the Christmas season draws closer and the winter begins to bite, we are getting ready for next year and the summer. 

A new warp is going onto Alvin, the industrial loom, which is going to be a short run of cloth inspired by the island of Unst. The colours are a lovely green called "thyme", soft pink, and a dark green, "moorgrass", and together they make a very subtle warp which reminds me of the light days in mid-summer. Once the cloth is woven, I will take pictures and put them on the website, and I will also be updating the shop area on the website with our new cloths. 

Kirsty has been weaving up a storm in the studio too. Sampling and trialling different colours and patterns ready for the Spring. 

And all of this activity is being helped along by Tybalt-the-studio-dog who has been chasing snowballs and eating snow today while we have been trying to get on with work. It is great fun having a personality like Mr Tybs around in these darker and dramatic days of winter.