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Published: 03 May 2010

By Andy Ross

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Stroud International Textiles Festival - Day three

Yesterday was the last day of our textile experience here in the Cotswolds. We did some amazing things like a visit to Studio 7 where we chatted about performance and textiles, and saw lovely upcycled bags from suits and trousers. Then a quick walk across to Cork Textiles Network in the Subscription Rooms,  with a theme of music and textiles. Both of these visits really caught my imagination and I could easily have taken the entire contents of the Cork Network for myself!

We drove out to Cirencester where there is a really lovely show by Tim Parry Williams and Dorothy Reglar. Well worth seeing with delicate, considered and thoughtful work.

Then back to Stroud for a talk with Deirdre Nelson, artist in residence. A truly  inspiring end to our textiles trip. Deirdre spoke about her trips around the world, taking part in residencies, and the thoughts behind her wonderfully detailed work. Relaxed and very enjoyable talk. We spoke with Hazel, Wendy and Andrea at the end of the talk, and they have really enjoyed themselves too. Shetland is going to be buzzing!

We think this is a really interesting festival and one worth getting to. We did not go to any workshops but this would be a good way to meet people and have those important chats.

We finished our trip with a meal at an inn outside town, and then back to town.