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Published: 01 May 2010

By Andy Ross

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Stroud International Textiles Festival - Day one

This morning we picked up our car, a Smart car and drive to Stroud. It was a great trip north. Smart cars rule!

Caught in traffic at Stroud, we arrived just in the middle of the speeches and the opening by Sir Christopher Frayling. He was very enthusiastic and mentioned Wendy’s Burra Bears in his speech!

Hazel Hughson from Shetland Arts, and Pamela Conacher from Hi-Arts are here with some makers from Shetland and Orkney, and we have met up and chatted about the festival.

Andrew and I then wandered around the museum where the events are mainly being held and where I am talking tomorrow. It is a lovely place, full of toys and artifacts, and dotted here and there, small red balls from Artist in Residence Deirdre Nelson. The balls are tennis balls covered in Stroud Scarlet and embroidered with words relating to the area and work. Really lovely things to look for and fun to find.

Deirdre introduced us to Cherry who was responsible for the museum displays and she told us all about her ambition to come to Shetland! We have offered to help her find transport and flight information, and look forward to welcoming her soon.

There are swingball poles outside the museum, set up for the Festival, and we have video evidence…. I will post the videos later on the site. Much fun with Pimms and swingball teams before lunch.

Thanks Lizzi for the organizing of it all. A great introduction to the event.