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Published: 16 June 2018

By Andy Ross

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The joy of storytelling

Storytelling is part of tradition here in the isles. We are continuing that tradition in the tour bus.

I was very lucky to be friends with Lawrence Tulloch, the storyteller who many of you will know from his books and tales. Lawrence, Margaret and their daughter, Liz, were my neighbours and became fast friends. Many a night we would spend in each other's company, Lawrence reminiscing and telling us about long-ago life in the isles. Sadly for us all, Lawrence passed away a year and a bit ago but he left us with a wonderful legacy of his stories, some of which you can hear online

After a day of touring the isles, we are all tired. Good food and company, plus the myriad sights and sounds of Shetland make for happy but exhausted travellers. It is a good time to tell a story or two so I have been learning how to relate the tale of Jan Tait, or the  Eagle Baby of Yell, or beliefs, spells and incantations from the isles.  These stories always send my fellow travellers off to the land of Nod, just in time to get back to our bed and breakfast accommodation after another good day in the islands.