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Published: 07 September 2019

By Andy Ross

The Shetland Tweed Company

Our newest cloth, designed and woven by Alexa, has come back from the finishers and it is beautiful!

It is interesting how two people, both working on the same equipment in the same space and using similar inspiration can come up with different ideas. In this case, Alexa used one of her photographs to create a pink, blue and white cloth which is bright and summery, and which is going to be Very Desirable, I am sure. Here is a picture of the cloth being woven. Alexa's next cloth is now at the finishers. Inspired by a painting of a wave breaking, these colours are also fresh and sparkling. 

My own cloth is on the loom now. This is for a commission for the Shetland Museum and is based on rocks which are found in Shetland chapel sites but which originate in Orkney. These rocks are red sandstone and the proposition is that the St Magnus Cathedral builders brought them over to Shetland in order to incorporate them into the religious buildings to help spread the word about the saint. The original commission was for an altarcloth which will be on display this month in the Museum, along with a portable altar made from the sandstone, and this cloth is for scarves which will hopefully go on sale alongside the exhibition.

All in all, the Shetland Tweed Company is doing well. We have commissions, our own production - four seasonal cloths a  year of thirty metres each, and interest from people who visit and want to own a length of Shetland tweed. We are always interested in hearing from others who want to work with us so, if you happen to know anyone who wants bespoke tweeds, get in touch! Thank you all. It is fantastic to have such confirmation about our work, and also to have people who really appreciate the loveliness of these wild and fantastic islands we call home.