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Published: 21 August 2021

By Andy Ross

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A new cloth

Over the past few months the loom in the studio in Yell has not been operating well...

We first noticed the issue when one of the shafts did not lift properly. If you do not know about weaving, the shafts are the frames that up and down and so lift up the threads that are drawn through the heddles strung on those frames. We could not see the issue and tried lots of different fixes but nothing worked and the problem spread. Finally, just before giving up completely on the new cloth, Alexa had one last look at the mechanism and noticed something that had not been obvious before; the mechanism was jamming because it had worked loose because of the vibrations from the weaving.  Now, thanks to the perseverance of Alexa, Alvin is working correctly and the new cloth is being woven as we speak.

This one is inspired by a painting of a wave. In the strong light of the isles in summer, waves take on the most amazing hues. I think Alexa has captured the colours and movement very well. Don't you?