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Published: 19 May 2018

By Andy Ross

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Receiving the blog

Many of our readers have replied to last week's piece about staying on the blog. Here is a final reminder for those who missed that entry. 

The law changes this week and there are more stringent data protection measures coming in. That means we have to ask people for their permission to stay on mailing lists. Last week we asked if people could send us an email to remain as subscribers but for those of you who cannot not get the link to work (more about that below) you can simply reply to this newsletter with "Stay" in the subject line.

Of course, if you do not want to continue to get the blog you do not need to do anything. If we do not get confirmation that you would like to hear from us each week we will remove your email from the list. You can always resubscribe later from the GlobalYell website. 

Thank you, everyone who gets this newsletter and those of you who pass it on. I cannot tell how many people read it in total but I do know that enough of you read it, and get in touch periodically to tell me interesting things that are going on in your neck of the woods, to make writing the blog a pleasure. I hope you have all found it as interesting as I do and if you are continuing to subscribe I shall endeavour to provide those interesting nuggets which make us happy and curious about the world.  

If you are not interested in getting the blog any more then a huge thank you for inviting us into your lives for a little while each Sunday. I will remove your email address and this will be your last newsletter. However, you can email anytime if you want to say "Hi" or to tell us something interesting. As they say, this is not "goodbye" but "until we meet again".  

Now, with regard to the problem with the link to email us last week, the link is set up to enable an email program to open up a new message. If you have not set up your computer or tablet to access and send emails the link won't work. Generally this means those of you who use webmail and access your emails via the internet rather than through a standalone program or app. You can fix this if you want by installing an email program and adding your account to it. It can be a little bit tricky to do because there are lots of numbers and technical bits and pieces but your email provider should be able to help if you want to do this. However, don't fret if you can't. Sending emails in your normal way is just as good!