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Published: 04 November 2014

By Andy Ross

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The fun of stamping

On our last trip to London, I bought a set of stamps made by the Parisian Vincent Sardon. Who knew stamping could be so much fun?!

What started out as a bit of a play has begun to be a little, shall we say, verging on the obsessional. I bought some fabric inks and began to use the stamps on different kinds of material, simply to see what would happen. And then I began to look at one or two of the different printing techniques in use around the world, including block printing in India, the Shwe-Shwe fabrics of South Africa,  and, a favourite artist, Heather Barnett's printed fabrics using microscope images of insect wings or body cells.

What amazes me is the sheer variety of effects that are possible with just one stamp and a couple of colours of ink. The satisfaction of working on a piece of fabric to make the perfect, balanced and satisfying repeat is something I am truly enjoying and I cannot wait to show it off when we run next year's fabric printing and embellishing class with Shona Skinner. 

By the way, the image above comes courtesy of Le Tampographe Sardon. Check out their website but be warned! Monsieur Sardon has a very particular sense of humour...