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Published: 14 March 2020

By Andy Ross

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Spring cleaning

Cushions galore! Cushions galore!It is the time of year for sorting out and cleaning the studio, ready for the summer season.

It is always fun, this annual event. This year we have had a changeover and rehang of the collection, and now we are in the process of tidying away looms and yarns. Each time it happens the studio seems to get a little bigger! It must be an optical illusion because there is just as much in the space; it is simply tidier and neater.

Scarves in a line Scarves in a lineWe have also redone the retail display area. With lots of help from our neighbour, Shona from The Shetland Gallery, and after masses of weaving by Alexa and sewing by Maggie, (thank you everyone), the room is looking satisfyingly full. It is lovely to walk into this cosy space, which smells like wool and looks inviting enough to sleep in. Cushions, scarves, wraps and blankets. What more could anyone want in a textile studio?

This year we will be mounting an exhibition in the adjoining "cloth production" studio. This space is also storage for the collection so the exhibition will be small but should be of interest to our summer visitors. Every time one of the boxes is open a new idea as to what to show comes to mind. It is going be A Difficult Decision to decide what the exhibition will be, but a fun one too.

Outside, the gardening is about to start. We have snowdrops in flower at the moment, and crocuses are about to open. There are some beautiful Russian snowdrops that we planted a couple of years ago and those early harbingers of better weather are bravely sending out their leaves and flowers. Fingers crossed that the weather is good this summer so we can get out and get those green fingers working.

The Spring in Shetland is such a time of hope and optimism, even if things this year are a bit different and anxious.  I hope the change of seasons is treating you well, wherever you are and whatever you do, and that you have somewhere peaceful and calm too.