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Published: 20 February 2016

By Andy Ross

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The Spider and the Tapestries

A beautiful gift arrived today - a copy of Louise Bourgeois' The Spider and the Tapestries. 

You will know Louise Bourgeois and her work; the artist created the giant spider at the Tate a few years ago. And if you follow this blog you will have read about her work a few times. The addition of this book (the picture is of one of the spreads in the publication and comes courtesy of the gallery Hauser & Wirth) to my collection continues her textile explorations, this time through tapestries. Her family owned a tapestry restoration business and the use of textiles in the artist's work is both potent and poignant. Here are the famous heads, stitched and sewn. Here the spider returns, encased in fabrics and sporting long steel legs. A cage covered in shreds of textile... Scraps of ancient tapestries stuck down and remade with the addition of drawings.... If you can get a copy of this book, do. It is worth every penny.