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Published: 14 January 2017

By Andy Ross

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Textiles at the South Bank Centre

The South Bank Members' Room and the Foyer in the Centre are host to two very different textile related shows. 

Upstairs, artist Hormazd Narielwalla has taken old French sewing patterns and used them as a template for his ideas about humanity, its form and culture. The whole series is along one of the walls in the Members' Room. 

Downstairs is the fabulous Patchwork of the Century. Applique, embroidery and other techniques have been used to make one panel for each year from 1851 until 1950, with each representing a significant moment that year. It is full of detail and funny, touching, poignant and sad moments. If you go, ask for the sheet of paper which explains the history of the panels - you can get this at the reception desk.