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Published: 05 March 2016

By Andy Ross

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Solar textiles continued

Do you remember, a few weeks ago, we blogged about developments in solar textiles, fabrics which could harness power from the sun? The story continues...

A friend and loyal reader Across the Pond sent some information in about Marianne Fairbanks, design professor, who is working with Trisha Andrew, chemist, to create textiles which can charge gadgets. Perhaps one day we will be able to do just that. Imagine how useful it could be and we would never run out of power on our mobiles... EVER! Here is a link to the two talking on YouTube about the project, and thank you, Mary Ellen. It is fascinating what you unearth for us all. 

But that is not the only use for solar textiles. Here is a link to Jenny Sabin who has knitted a structure which can harvest and deliver light. To paraphrase a song from Wham!, Fun and Sunshine. There's enough for everyone!