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Published: 11 February 2017

By Andy Ross

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A snowy day

On Thursday and Friday this week we had snow flurries and short storms. Snow always transforms the landscape, doesn't it?

The view from the studio is across the voe so we always have the contrast of land and sea to calm and inspire us. We can watch the weather moving across from whichever direction, sometimes with a sense of foreboding when the sky turns black and stormy, which is what happened on Friday morning. The snow storm laid down a few inches of the white stuff, transforming the peat into a patchwork of dark and light, and making it seems much lighter than it actuall was. Sadly our snow never stays for very long - the last Big Snow we had that I can remember lying for days and days was way back a decade or more ago when we were all off work because we simply could not travel anywhere - but it is great for photographs while it does last.