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January 20, 2013 By Andy Ross

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Singing Saturdays' second chance Christmas

Singing Saturdays group Singing Saturdays group Is that Santa in the middle of it all... in January?!

Over the weekend, Singing Saturdays, the young folk's performance group that we run in Shetland, got to do the two shows for Christmas that had been postponed because of the weather. To say that I am proud of everyone involved, not only the Singing Saturdays group but also the Community School of Ballet, the behind the scenes folk from the Garrison Theatre, and all the many volunteers who helped out, Morven, Vhairi and Maggie in particular, does not even begin to describe how I really feel. It was fabulastic! Congratulations everyone.

Our next series will start after Easter; watch out for adverts in the papers or check out the Facebook page for information.