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Published: 01 June 2013

By Andy Ross

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Silver Darlings

Some of you may have heard the local group, ShantyYell Men, sing.

I am very proud to be part of this group especially this week when we took delivery of our CD, Silver Darlings, which we have produced to support music in local schools. The CD features some of our favourite songs from the sea and it is available in local shops or by requesting one by email.  Have a listen to some ofthe songs from the recording on our website. All profits from the sales of this CD will go to schools and we are very grateful that some of the shops are taking no money for selling our recording meaning that all the money goes straight into the music fund.

The group meets regularly on a Tuesday night for rehearsals and we are very happy to sing at concerts and gigs.  We welcome new members too. Give us a call if you would like to join - 01957 744 355.