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Published: 22 June 2019

By Andy Ross

Show Your Stripes

Climate change is a complex thing to get across. Here is an attempt to make things a little clearer.

Show Your Stripes is a webpage which uses data from meteorological departments and Berkeley Earth to create graphs which show the difference in average temperatures yearly around the globe. The resulting graphics are free to use, and the creators hope that these images will spark debate and conversation around our warming world. 

People have used the graphs for many things including fashion. The stripes from your own part of the world (see the interactive element on the homepage to create a graph) have been printed onto shirts and fabric, creating eye-catching and, hopefully, conversation-starting clothing, using #showyourstripes to spread the message. 

While on the subject of climate change, check out this page which shows how various artists have been creating awareness through music, costume, dance and gaming.