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Published: 03 September 2016

By Andy Ross

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Yell Show 2016

The children' craft section. The children' craft section. Nothing is quite like a country show, is it? Today was the Yell Show...

It was a beautiful day and Kirsty and I were judging the childrens' art and craft in the East Yell Hall. And what a very hard job it was, but also what an enjoyable one. Our overall prize winner was an automaton of a laughing sailor but there were lots of entries and very good ones too. The adult section was also interesting and Best in Craft was taken by the boat in the picture (right) which is a faithful and lovely model of a local fisherman's boat, handmade by the self-same man. It was a great sight to see. A hall full of art, baking, knitting, craft, flowers and people. Outside, ponies, cows, dogs, chickens, vegetables and produce, and even more people, all adding to the colour and sounds (not to mention the smells!) of the event. Living in a rural community is very different to living in the city, and nothing says "country life" more than a local show!