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Published: 04 May 2019

By Andy Ross

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The hairy world of Shoplifter

A roomful of hair

Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir's installation at Kiasma in Helsinki looks like a lot of fun. Or does it? 

Arnardóttir (aka Shoplifter) has used artificial hair to create a whole new world on the fifth floor of the art gallery. Hair, both real and artifical, is the artist's chosen material for artworks because it represents "a remnant of the wildness that we possess". It attracts and repels at the same time; a room filled with the stuff may be off-putting to some and wonderful to others. To see what she means, have a look at the Kiasma website here, or even better, go and see it in person. The show runs until September 2019. 

The pictures on this page were taken by a reader-of-the-blog: my partner, Mr H. Thank you for sending them.