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Published: 17 March 2018

By Andy Ross

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Our neighbours from The Shetland Gallery have just returned from an exciting trip to Japan and Australia. Among the places they visited was the Shibori Museum in Kyoto...

Shibori is an ancient textile dyeing technique which uses binding of the cloth to create pattern and texture such as in the picture on the left. It is a labour intensive craft (you can get a sense of how intensive from the video on the Museum webpage) which results in beautiful colour and designs on the cloth and there are many different types of the resist dyeing technique in the world . The Museum runs classes and courses. You can find those on the website as well.

If you want to try your hand at the technique have a look at this website. It looks like lots of fun! If you want to know more about Shibori and see some of the unusual effects that can created using the technique head on over to this website, or do your own search. There is lots of information out there.

Good to have you back, Shona and Alan, and thank you for passing on the Shibori information. 

Picture and explanation courtesy of the Kyoto Shibori Museum.