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Published: 28 September 2019

By Andy Ross

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The Shetland Wave cloth

Regular readers of the blog may remember that Alexa was weaving a cloth based on a painting of a wave.

The cloth was Alexa and my first collaboration. I painted the picture and started one section of the warp and then handed it over to 'Lex. My intention was to complete the warp myself, meeting Alexa's sections in the middle, simply to see what would happen but the summer suddenly got very busy and I could not get back to the warping. So, in effect, this became all Lexie's work.

The picture is of the cloth and part of the inspiration painting, and the cushion is made from a previous cloth Alexa made, called "Shetland Garden". Aren't the lovely colours? Fresh and bright, sunny and dramatic, all at the same time. Congratulations Alexa. It is a grand job you've done!