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Published: 02 September 2017

By Andy Ross

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Tweed in Shetland

This week I gave a talk at the Textile Museum about the History and Heritage of Shetland Tweed. 

The talk focused on the tweed heritage that we researched at the start of the year and there were a dozen people at the Textile Museum to hear the talk. We had a good discussion, showing samples and examples of fabrics that had been manufactured here since the 1920's right up to the present day, and we also spoke about the different weavers who were an important part of this history. 

There are copious notes to collate and long interviews to transcribe over the next few months, and of course the book to edit, but for now, thank you to the Textile Museum Trustees for inviting me to share what we learned and thank you too to those who came along to the talk. 

Pictures courtesy of Alexa Fitzgibbon - Jamieson's of Shetland tweeds