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Published: 20 May 2017

By Andy Ross

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Summer visitors to Shetland

One of the reasons we like to live here is because of the amazing wildlife and scenery. They are among some of our amazing visitors...

This summer so far we have had people from Australia, America, Scotland, England, Wales, all over Europe, New Zealand and South Africa. We have also had transient visitors our way; orca, porpoises, otters and multitudes of birds. We have seen our first orchid sprouting this week, and the violets have been peeking out from under the grassy tussock. The light is strong and the colours brillliant. So we have decided to make use of some of that inspiration and we have been warping up for some new cloths ready for weaving... More news on that soon. 

Human visitors are also welcome. We learn something from those who make it to us, and we have lots of interesting conversations. This week we have met someone who works in the aerospace industry,  a concert promoter, a sculptor, a weaver, artists, musicians, teachers and designers. And so we have had lots of chat about possibilities and ideas. 

I guess that what the summer represents for us is a whole world of possibilities in amongst the returning light and returning summer stayers. If you are coming up to Shetland, do visit us but also keep an eye open for some of our spectacular animal, bird and plant returnees.