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Published: 04 May 2019

By Andy Ross

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Advertising Shetland

As part of this engrossing study of Shetland's tweeds, a new-to-me advert has been added to the collection.

Taken from a very well-known magazine, Punch, this page dates from October 16th, 1935, and show Shetland rugs draped fetchingly against a black background. What is interesting is not only the name of the makers and distributors and the style of marketing text, but also the homely tack of the full-page advert. 

To compare this with other kinds of advertising, on the back of this page is an ad for the Simpson Coat. This features a very elegant, hand-drawn figure, leaning nonchanantly on his furled umbrella and with a pink carnation in his overcoat pocket. Compared to the Shetland ad, this one reeks of cosmopolitan style and elegance, and yet it is the Shetland one with its connotations of home-made, simple country lifestyles that uses full colour photography! Isn't that interesting.