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Published: 20 January 2016

By Andy Ross

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The Shanghai Textile Museum

Nearing the end of our trip we discovered the Shanghai Textile Museum. 

On a walk through a part of the city that was completely unknown we discovered a large sculpture which looked sort of familiar. It turned out to be a loom and we have stumbled upon the Shanghai Textile Museum. 

What a fun find this was! Lots of 'eighties displays of yarns and cloths, and diaramas, but also a very small but lovely show of costumes and accessories from... well, somewhere, because we could not read the Chinese captions. Not as well displayed as the Shanghai Museum, the costumes were interesting nontheless and there was a display of cloths in the downstairs entrance lobby which were just as spectacular. 

The museum is private, owned by a company which actually is in the rest of the building. We learned a lot about that particular company and also a lot about the history of trade and industry in textiles in Shanghai. Fascinating and absorbing to see and to learn that some of the cloths we had bought on our trip were actually recognisably from the city. 

Unfortunately I cannot tell you anything about these pieces in these pictures but here they are anyway. If anyone has any information, we would be very grateful.