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Published: 09 July 2022

By Andy Ross

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The Cotton Winding Device

Pen and ink. "The Cotton Winding Device" by Severino Guidi

In the 1950s in Italy a primary school teacher, Federico Moroni, asked his class to try to paint the colours they saw on their walk to school and so inadvertently founded an art movement. 

One of the pupils in the class was Severino Guidi, who, at the age of eleven, became famous across the world for his nature portraits, shown as part of a group exhibition at an art gallery in Rome and later, Florence. Here is a newspaper article from The Gettysburg Times of 1952, and another from Time magazine in the same year. Here is a photograph of the young artist showing one of his artworks and another of the artist at work. The work of Severino caught the imagination of his classmates who formed a group of followers, which they called "the school of Severino", who were filmed by Paramount in a short movie, with several of the members of the School winning top awards at the International Child Art competition in 1951. 

This picture is a pen and ink drawing by the artist called "The Cotton Winding Device" on which a warp is being made for weaving.