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Published: 02 June 2013

By Andy Ross

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Serene Sunday

Sundays are wonderfully slow, aren't they? Time to digest the things that have been and the things that are to be.

Time to listen to opera on old vinyl (Nixon in China from John Adams this morning, and if you don't know the opera, listen to this extract which is called "The People are the Heroes Now". This comes from the First Act of the 3 Act opera which is all about the visit President Nixon of the USA made to China in 1972. At the time the two countries were opposed to each other's  politics and the visit was hailed as either a breakthrough in relations or a cynical electioneering ploy. To make an opera about this was inspired and revolutionary in its own way. I would urge you to see it if you have not already.)

While listening to this and contemplating gardening in our long summer days which mean we have sunlight from four am until eleven pm I received an email about this piece by Dominic Wilcox. Don't you love the green grass laces growing up towards the light?

That very same Dominic created this bin for a charity auction which has had me giggling in amusement and awe. I love the sound representing the rubbish falling into the bin and now I want one.

And to end with how about this for a happy and (Shetland dialect coming up) lightsome photograph.  Zev, the photographer, is 14 I believe. Enough said...