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Published: 29 August 2010

By Andy Ross

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Second day of the mini-tour

We are all officially knackered! Spent a fantastic day with Blue Sky Holidays looking at colour, design, texture and materials. Very inspirational and really engaging tutor. Thanks Amy. We can't wait to do it again.

Then Rhoda Hughson from the Unst Heritage Centre came in and gave us a unique perspective on the herring fishing industry from the point of view of the fisher lasses. Complete with costume and finger bandages. Very good and again, really different to get that view of life in the islands.

Margaret Peterson and her grandson, Logan, came to finish off the afternoon with spinning and we learnt how to comb, card, and use the wheel. Margaret is a very inspiring and good teacher, (no nonsense from any of us!), and I have finally learned how to comb some raw fleece.

What a very good day we have had. Thank you to all who took part and to the Heritage Centre for the room for the day. More tomorrow.

There are more pics on Flickr.