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Published: 05 October 2019

By Andy Ross

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The end of the season

Wool Week marks the finish of the tourism season in the islands but not the end of the work we do!

Our annual event celebrating the woolly heritage of Shetland finishes on Sunday. With (at the time of writing) almost two hundred visitors over the week, it has been Very Busy with workshops, talks and opening studios. We have met some really interesting and lovely people from across the globe who have travelled to Shetland to be part of the buzz that surrounds knitting, weaving, spinning and other textile crafts here. It truly seems like there is a groundswell of enthusiasm for all things woolly.

At the end of the week the studio and The Shetland Gallery opposite close for the season, but work continues. Although we do not advertise in the studio, we are open to visitors. Anyone can drop in at any point (although it is best to email or call first to check that we are here on 01957 744 355) to do research or have a conversation about things tweedy. Winter is the time for continuing the Masters of Research degree into Shetland tweed, for production of fabrics, for working with others to create bespoke cloths, for education and training, and of course for planning the next visitor season. 

The things we look forward to in Winter are the short days filled with dramatic light (and equally dramatic weather!), long nights for drawing, painting, or throwing a blanket on and watching telly while outside the storms rage. These are also the days when sunlight angles down through thick clouds to spangle the sea, when the clouds are edged with gold, and when we get lots of inspiration for making new cloths. It is the time for all the indoor pursuits. This winter I shall also be teaching music again, and doing concerts. It is going to be a Busy Season!

For all of you who have visited us this summer, thank you for coming by. Although I do not remember everybody's names because we see around about two thousand people over the season, it is always lovely to recognise a face or two when people come back. For those who did not manage to make it northwards to us, I hope you have had a good summer (Northern Hemisphere) and winter (Southern). Thank you for continuing to read the blog and for sending in your links.