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Published: 02 December 2017

By Andy Ross

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Scythians at the British Museum

There is a fascinating exhibition at the British Museum in London; ancient Siberians called the Scythians. 

The exhibition features, amongst other things, some of the beautiful jewellery and exquisite textile work of these people who ruled a vast area, from northern China to the Black Sea until the second century BC. Skilled in trade and horsemanship, these nomads were influenced by others and their influence spread across the region, particularly through their stylistic renderings of animals and birds. The preservation of textiles and organic remains is extraordinarly, allowing us to catch a glimpse of the daily lives of the Scythians. This is a wonderful show which deserves to be seen. Go early and escape the crowds. 

(Image: Deer-shaped gold plaque. Barrow 1, Kostromskaya, Kuban region. Second half of the 7th century BC. © The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, 2017. Photo: V Terebenin.)