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Published: 06 September 2013

By Andy Ross

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Music and Science

This documentary from 2009 is all about the way that music affects us.

As someone who loves music and espeically singing, music has a real power to move me and I am most definitely not alone. In all the choral groups I have been in and in all the singing events I have attended people have always said that they feel lighter and better after singing. So what is it that causes this effect? Can science explain this phenomenon?

There is now quite a body of evidence to back up the claim that music is good, even essential in some cases, for you. Groups  use music to stimulate memory in dementia patients while Soundbeam technology allows a disabled composer to create and perform his music, and giving him temporary relief from pain. This wonderful piece from the British Paraorchestra with singing, signing children from the Kaos Signing Choir moved me to tears of joy and pride (you can buy the song here) and Dame Evelyn Glennie plays barefoot to feel the music that she is making.

So, blog readers and contributors, let us know what you think of the documentary and send us some of your experiences of the power of music.