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Published: 12 August 2017

By Andy Ross

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New scarves

Last week on the blog there was an article about the scarves that we were weaving. I say "were" because they are all done!

A few people got in touch to ask about the actual mechanics of making the scarves in batches. It is easier to explain with the use of a picture so here is one of the scarves in the making. On the left and right hand side of the patterned part you can see a little bit of plain weave. This is the selvedge of each scarf, and then between this scarf and the next there is a gap. We fitted four scarves across the width of Alvin-the-loom, and then wove four colourways. The actual colours have come out much better than the picture, and to say we are delighted is perhaps an understatement. Anyone coming into the studio when the scarves were all off the loom would have seen us draping the length over all sorts of things to try to see the entire thing in all its multi-coloured glory. Yes, sometimes a little madness is needed to let off the steam when one has been working away on the loom for weeks...

We will be washing and finishing these and then they are going on sale from the studio. Sometime soon we will also be looking at an online shop. As the saying goes, Onwards and Upwards. Huzzah!