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Published: 07 July 2018

By Andy Ross

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A week of art

I have been away for a few days and managed to catch some galleries and shows in London and Cardiff. 

Cardiff Art Gallery in the Museum has one piece which I loved seeing. Natalia Goncharova was a Russian artist who created a beautiful Futurist painting of a woman leaning over a loom. You can see that painting here and more of this talented and innovative artist's work at the Tate website here

Over in the British Museum Rodin and the art of ancient Greece gives an insight into the artist's process and love for the statuary which he first saw in the Parthenon sculptures in London. This exhibition is thoughtful and beautifully curated, laying out the different methods of working and viewpoints of the Greek ancients and Rodin himself. If you want to see and understand a little more about the monumental sculptures of Rodin, or are interested in the portrayal of fabrics in art, or a fashion student who wants to learn about drawing fabrics, go and see this.