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Published: 21 May 2016

By Andy Ross

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New uses for robots

Robots are fascinating and useful. And here are two that are making a bit of a splash at the moment...

At our favourite museum, the Victoria and Albert in London, a new pavilion has been unveiled. It is an interesting structure anyway but what is even more interesting is the way in which it was, and is, made: by robots. The robots weave the structure, which was originally manufactured off-site and then erected in the courtyard of the V&A, and they continue to weave and add to the pavilion using the ways visitors walk around the space to create and define what they do. Isn't that intriguing?

And Lycra, yes, Lycra, has been put to good use too in construction. Using robots, shapes are made by stretching the fabric, shapes which can be filled with concrete and left to harden. Then, peeling away the material, hey presto! The resulting shape can be used in architecture! Simple and effective, and very portable, maybe this is an answer to building in difficult spaces...