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Published: 03 July 2022

By Andy Ross

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Robert Debieve

Le vol de Flamants 

Robert Debiève was a famous French textile designer who helped to make art accessible for mid-century interiors. 

By bringing together experimentation with materials, contemporary design and an artistic temperament, the creator of pieces such as Le Remailleur de filets (the net maker) and Le vol de Flamants (Flight of flamingoes) offered a strikingly modern and colourful take on mid-century interior design. In this piece, a woven textured canvas has been printed with the bright signature colours of the maker, and with its bold and graphic design and lines, it is strongly evocative of the 1950s when it was made. 

Information on this artist-designer is sketchy. If anyone has more about his life and work please email so we can share it.