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Published: 05 October 2013

By Andy Ross

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Heritage Crafts

There seems to be a lot of interest around crafts at the moment.

Boatbuilding features in this article from the BBC news, while the Emergents newsletter features all sorts of craft including knitting and weaving. On our recent trip to London we met in with the New Craftsmen at their lovely gallery behind Oxford Street, and we have just picked up some spinning wheels from our very own local maker, Hamish Poulson who makes lovely Shetland spinneys and told us that he is about to ship one off to Colorado! This coming week is Wool Week here in the islands and there is a new book about textiles out, celebrating the craft of textiles in Shetland 800 BC to the present from Sarah Laurenson.

As if that was not enough, I have been catching up with the Crafts Magazine and been inspired and enthused by the amazing crafts that are featured over the past four months. The magazines are in the studio library and are available for anyone to look at. There are some truly beautiful things - for a glimpse have a look at the Crafts Council blog.