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Published: 14 April 2018

By Andy Ross

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Resonant Bodies

The Resonant Bodies Festival takes place in New York every year. Over three nights nine contemporary vocalists present their work and discipline.  

Along with the festival there is a podcast which you can find here, and it is this that has made early mornings into a time for me to think and learn. 

Last week another contributor from South Africa, (Hello Fiona!) sent me a link to flautist (flutist if you are American) Nathalie Joachim's interview on the podcast and I spent an hour or so before anyone else was in the studio, listening and learning about the artist and her work. I loved hearing about Haiti, culture, music, sadness, joy and all the myriad things that go into Nathalie's sound world. Now I am trawling the podcast archives to listen to more, and am finding inspiration for my own identity and work by doing so. It is important, I think, to keep learning and this is certainly helping me find new paths to do the things I like doing. What a great way to start a day!