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Published: 01 April 2022

By Andy Ross

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The Resilience Tapestry

The pandemic that has been part of our lives for more than two years now has been the inspiration for an enormous work in South Africa. 

The Keiskamma Art Project is part of a not-for-profit organisation, The Keiskamma Trust, that supports communities living along the river in the Eastern Cape that gives its name to both. The organisation uses craft, art and technology to provide new skills and incomes for these communities and the Art Project is one way of doing so, through textiles.

In this latest work from Keiskamma Art Project, the course of the pandemic is traced out using words and images, in a 7.5 metre long embroidered and appliqued, hessian-backed artwork. It has been a huge undertaking, as you can see here.

The piece has been bought by Ravi Naidoo, the founder of Design Indaba, and it will be on public display so that its message can be heard and understood by many. As a record of this historic period The Keiskamma Tapestry is a poignant, and hopeful, reminder of the human spirit. 

(Thank you to our South African contributor for the link and to The Keiskamma Art Project for the photograph of the artwork.)