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Published: 09 March 2011

By Andy Ross

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RESEO forum

It is a cold and snowy day here in Shetland, and I have just finished writing emails to the people I met in London at the opera forum from a warm office, looking at the snow falling. The opera forum was very exciting for me. I have not been involved in the opera world before because I have always worked around singing education. This was a real eye-opener and good to meet so many people from across the world who love opera for the art form that it is. Cross-disciplinary, entertaining, confidence building, interesting, thought-provoking. There is something in it for everyone. And it is complicated. Much more complicated than I would have dreamed. The Royal Opera House employs 1000 people, and is expanding its work into Thurrock through new development of studios there. Scottish Opera has been speaking about their new opera for babies, and I saw Anna Nicole, the new opera commissioned by the ROH from Mark Antony Turnage. All in all, a lot to digest and think about. I need time for it all to settle down now. If you are interested in education in opera, consider joining the RESEO network. It is a group of opera professionals at all levels from across the world, who meet twice a year to discuss and learn from each other. A very useful network!