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Published: 15 February 2021

By Andy Ross

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Shetland Tweed Research

On Wednesday I shall meet up with the examiners of the thesis that has taken two years to research and write. The examiners will ask questions about the process of research and about the findings, and on Friday, results are announced.


The tweed research project has been a lifeline during the last year. Thank goodness all the interviews were completed prior to lockdown number one, and the archive and collections research had been almost finished too. It meant that, although I was unable to get into collections to work once these were closed, there was plenty of material to use to get a real sense of what makes Shetland Tweed so… well, Shetland!


It is exciting to have been involved in this project. Knowing now how important Shetland’s tweed industry was in the past has given an added impetus to its preservation as well as to keeping it alive through my business: The Shetland Tweed Company. The next project is to summarise the thesis and put it on the blog so that others can read about the history of this beguiling fabric.