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Published: 27 January 2018

By Andy Ross

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Regency patchwork

The Victoria and Albert Museum collection includes some extraordinary textiles. Now there is a chance to learn more about one of them. 

On the radio this week, the programme Moving Pictures, which takes long, slow looks at great works of art, took us on a journey through the life of a Regency village and the Bible via a patchwork hanging made by Ann West. You can hear the original programme here or, on the World Service, here.

For those who are unable to hear the programme, you can see the piece in amazing detail via the Victoria and Albert Museum website. Follow this link to see the hanging and when you get to the image of the piece you will be able to zoom in very close to see the stitches and the wonderful details including turtles and fish on the edges, chimneysweeps going home and David and Goliath. What a fabulous patchwork this is!

(Picture courtesy of the BBC World Service via Google).